Friday, March 15, 2013

The week that was, the week that will be

Oops!  I let an entire week go by without posting here.  I've been posting on the Vocational Homemaker Facebook page, which is a good place to keep up with things if you are an online addict such as some people I know who will not out themselves on their own homemaking blog.  Please accept this gratuitous photo of a wild strawberry for your trouble.

A feature that I've added to the bar just below the blog banner is a link to my weekly menu plan.  I will have each week's update by the weekend before.  Any recipes that are available online are already linked in the menu.

There is also now a garden work plan for the week, but it is subject to more change than the menu plan due to the fact that Mother Nature is kind of fickle this time of year.

Tomorrow I'm hosting a Square Foot Gardening workshop here at our studio and gardens and then I'll officially be off until Monday.  Have a great weekend!

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