Friday, March 8, 2013

Voice mail

As a Vocational Homemaker (and proud Southern belle), I aspire to offer warm and gracious hospitality to one and all.  Sadly, this does not come naturally to me, and I have come to fear it as one of the arenas of homemaking in which I am most lacking.

In the middle of the night--when, as you know, we all do our very best thinking--I realized that I have been nursing a character flaw that directly--negatively--impacts my spirit of hospitality:  for well over a year I have kept my voice mail full, on purpose, so as to prevent anyone from leaving me a message to which I would have to respond.

WOW--talk about unwelcoming.

Please don't judge me harshly.  I like hearing from people.  But I am not good on the phone.  I have to come up with words on the spot, and often those words are not well chosen.  It's not from ill will but rather being awkward on the fly.

That's how ballerinas are--if we haven't rehearsed it, we tend to stumble, especially on words.  We're used to being seen, not heard.  I am much better in print.  Thus, a blog.

So today, as a non-threatening way of exercising my hospitality skills, I will weed out and delete any voice mails that I don’t absolutely need to save.  After that, I pledge to stay on top of them so as to always make room for at least one more.  Just as I hope to do at my dinner table.  Wish me luck.  :)


  1. So, how did it go?

    1. I got most of the way through! It is slow going--I am so sentimental about all the voices of loved ones--I am having to be ruthless which is not my natural inclination towards myself. :) Thank you for asking, it keeps me on track.