Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner, AKA: Where are the menu plans, Ro?

Carnitas – Pulled Pork: Mexican Pressure Cooker Recipes | hip pressure cooking

Well, the plain truth is I'm behind.  The fancy truth is I'm wildly behind.  But just for the record, Carnitas in the digital pressure cooker is what I'm cooking tonight, except that I don't have all the seasonings so I'm winging it.  I figure as long as there are cumin, garlic, and cocoa powder, it will be close enough.  Also, I didn't rub the meat and let it rest overnight, I just sprinkled the seasoning on the pork and put it in to brown.  Also also, where the recipe said "water", I naturally assumed that was a typo and should have been "beer".  And instead of lettuce cups, we'll be having it on flour tortillas.

So essentially I'm not making the above recipe at all.  I just used it to tell me how long to cook the pork.

But otherwise, it's identical.  YMMV.

And that is a depiction of why I'm behind.  SQUIRREL!

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