Friday, May 24, 2013

Emergency Preparedness: Let's get started

Just as I promised, I'm going to talk you through the process of preparing for emergencies.  I am by no means an expert, but I am experienced, and together we can help each other.

First and foremost:  do not get overwhelmed.  Just do something every day.  Every little bit counts.

Second and midmost:  do not get discouraged.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  Just do something every day.  Every little bit counts.

Third and whatevermost:  do not feel like you have to follow my exact instructions.  Use your head, and adjust the plan to your own needs.  Every little bit counts.

Your mini-mission for today:

Go around your house and find a bag for each member of your household.  It should be sturdy, and it should be manageable for the person who will be using it.  For little ones, a bag on wheels is ideal.  For anybody who has to handle a small child in a stroller or someone in wheelchair, or who might otherwise need both hands available to help someone else, a backpack is best.  If you have pets, find a bag for them too.

These bags will be used to hold emergency items specific to each individual's needs (diapers for a baby--prescriptions for someone on medication--leashes for dogs--etc.)

Don't worry about finding something perfect for each person, just find something.  Even a grocery bag will do, if that is all you have.  Put names on each bag so you won't have to sort through them each time you open them.

When you have something for everyone, you can make a note to upgrade when you find something better, either at a thrift store or a yard sale or even in your attic.

There--done.  Wasn't that simple?

*The day I do my family's emergency preparedness review is the second Tuesday of every month.  So for now, I'll designate Tuesdays as my Emergency Preparedness blog day.  I'll give you a mini-mission, and I'll give you a tip or link to help.  If there is something specific you want to learn about, just leave a comment!  I'll either have the info handy to share with you or I'll find someone who can help.

Here's my link for the day:  my very first post on Emergency Preparedness, which I wrote almost 2 years ago for National Preparedness Month.  NOTE:  to help keep my mind off the natural disasters that might actually come along here in Nashville, I prepare for zombies.   You will probably recognize the poster.  ;)  

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