Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Stockpile Full Meals For Emergency Situations

Again absent longer than I intended to be.  Family emergency.  You know the drill.

Getting back on track, picking up with emergency preparedness, this time it's about good (frugal, healthy) eats.

The above link to the article on Off The Grid News ("Better Ideas for Off the Grid Living") was posted in the Dehydrating Tips and Recipes Facebook group.  It gives good, basic information about planning and storing homemade meals for off-grid use.  There is even a snazzy, sparkly, rainbow-filled and musically-embellished video at the bottom, complete with "loving hands at home" video dynamics, but the whole thing is spot-on info and kind of fun.

And this brings me to the Shameless Self-Promotion portion of the post:

The class registration system I was using for our studio has unexpectedly taken a summer break--YIKES!--so I've had to quickly migrate to a new-to-me system for class sign ups.  This means that the registrations for upcoming classes are just now open.  Because it is such short notice, I'm offering a 25% discount for upcoming classes.  If you want to get a chance to try pressure canning hands-on, come to my class, Pressure Canning for the Thoroughly Intimidated, and let me demystify it for you.  Or, if you just want to learn how to put the last of the Spring berries in jars, come to the Intro to Canning class and I'll give you all you need to know to handle it safely on your own.

Check out my Class Schedule in the link at the top of the page, and please join me!