Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Canning Jar Bento

Have you seen the new BNTO Canning Jar Adaptor yet?   Here, it looks like this:

Believe me, I absolutely do not like to rain on anybody's parade.  I also absolutely do not like spending $7.99 plus shipping and handling if I don't absolutely have to.  But the minute I saw these things I realized I could easily do this with stuff I already had around the kitchen:

1 Wide-mouth canning jar with lid and ring
1 individual container of yogurt, pudding, gelatin, etc., empty
A compartmentalized canning jar to carry salad, chips, granola, or what have you,
separate from the dressing, dip, salsa, or what have you.

Go forth and prosper.


  1. I agree that the price is a little steep, but the Cuppow people are an American company that makes their products in the USA and the little BNTO insert is BPA free. IT is also dishwasherable. For me, that is worth paying a little more. I like to support great ideas, and American companies who go the extra mile to make their products in the USA. That being said, I don't currently have an extra $7.99 laying about. So I will be using your brilliant idea until then. I'm assuming the little disposable cup has BPA and I'll have to hand wash, but I feel okay about that temporarily. If someone knows if the disposable cups are BPA free, I'd feel a little better about it long term.

  2. Can you tell me exactly which product you purchased to get the correct size cup to insert? Everything I've check at my local supermarket is either too big or small.

    1. Hi Audrey! I like your blog. :) The cup in the photo is Kozy Shack brand, but I've also used Dole jello cups, and some other brand from Aldi. The only jars this will work with are the wide mouth jars. Regular mouth jars are not big enough.

    2. Thanks! for liking my blog and for the responding so quickly to my question. I had the Kozy Shack tapioca in my hand as I eyeballed it. And I second guessed it, reshelving the 4 pack. Next time I'm bringing a rim with me and trusting my instincts.

  3. THANKS so much for this! I wouldn't use the BNTO often enough to warrant the expense of having it shipped out my way here in Canada. This sortof solves my issue (now to find a wide-mouth mason jar in my pile that would fit a salad and the cup... don't think I own one... hmmmm)

  4. This is exactly what I needed. I want to try making smoothie "kits" to keep in my freezer for easy workday breakfasts and I thought the BNTOs would work to keep the dry ingredients separate from the greens, etc. But 5 for $40 is too much for an experiment - it may not work or I may not keep up with the idea. Thanks!