Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A reverse cautionary tale for Halloween

This post started as an interior monologue about the dangers of letting your child know you can sew.

I was going to tell you that you should never start cutting fabric after dinner, because that is when the most mistakes happen.
See that purple stuff? Yeah, that would be what I'm talking about.  Twice.

I was going to warn you that you should do everything in your power to prevent your child from discovering that sequins by the yard is a thing.
If possible, just keep the child from knowing there are sequins of any sort.  It's safer that way.

I was going to remind you to just say no to sniffing Sharpie markers right before bedtime.
They won't keep you from getting any sleep but the voices in your head have a bad reaction to them.

I was going to tell you this because, while hand-stitching that strand of sequins onto a piece of felt, the thought occurred to me that just once it would probably be a nice little treat to just go to the store and buy a ding-dang costume and be done with it.

But then, something magic happened.

My child came into the room to inspect my handiwork.  And even though the sequins were wonky and the seam allowances were ragged, she said without a shred of irony in her voice, "I'm glad we never get store-boughten costumes.  Everything you make for me is perfect, and this is the best one yet!"

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I clinched a lifetime contract to spend every October making someone's dream come true.  My work here is done, for now.

If you have a moment, share a picture of your costumes, store-boughten or homemade.

Happy Halloween!  Be safe, have fun, and don't rain on anybody's costume parade.

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  1. Love it! Macy was old enough to make her own costume this year (with just a smidge of help from me). She too has a circle skirt, but she is sporting a kitty-no strings of sequins!