Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't let the fruit flies get you down

It's been another busy couple of weeks.  We're off schedule again.  Blah, blah, blah....

Which brings me to fruit flies.  Or something flies.  I don't know exactly what they are, or why they are here, because in actual fact they've been ignoring the sweet stuff and buzzing around things like bread.  Anyway, they invaded my pantry.  We had to completely dismantle the joint, wipe down every surface, inspect every item before putting it back.

Which brings me to "wasting" food.  I totally did that.  I had to throw out a ton of stuff, because I honestly didn't know what had attracted them in the first place or if they had piggybacked on those items to get in the joint in the first place, but whateva.  I tossed out food strictly on the basis that I just couldn't figure out whether or not it was a culprit.  Guilty until proven innocent.

Which brings me to food storage.  Mine is utterly depleted.  I'm starting over from scratch.

That's the kind of year it has become.  I'm at peace with it.

The plan, such as it is, is to allot $5.00-$10.00 per week toward rebuilding my emergency pantry.  I'm reallocating funds that I have been hoarding--namely, the random $5.00 bills that come into my possession when I get change from buying stuff.  I usually put those bills in savings, but for the next several months I'm going to add them to my weekly grocery budget.

The extra amount I'll have to spend will change from week to week, depending on how much purchasing I do with actual cash (as opposed to virtual cash, using my debit card).  And what I purchase will depend on what is on sale each week.

Which brings me to this:

This week, the best food storage buys at my favorite grocery store, henceforth to be referred to as Aldi-I-Love-That-Place, will be tomato stuff--stewed tomatoes and pasta sauces.  So that will be what I will store up first.

What's happening in your pantry or kitchen this week?


  1. I bought Classico spaghetti sauce at Publix (BOGO this week). I feel better about the glass jars than cans for long term food storage. My tomatoes didn't produce much this summer, so that's where my extra dollars went. Next week I am hoping for a peanut butter stock up!

  2. I hate it when pests invade the pantry!

    I love Aldi, too. Tomatoes and dry pasta are always a good start because you have a quick meal on hand with just those two items.

  3. I have lots of fruit flies here too. And yeah, they always seem to be attracted to yeast, like the pizza dough rising! I know mine came from having too much produce that was spoiling. I found them in the toaster today...my 2yo had stuck a piece of banana in there--yuck!

    I just placed a stock up order for oats and powdered milk and buttermilk. I've been working on our emergency supplies for a while, and I really need to figure out how many meals I have on hand and if I have any things that stick out as being lonely. Oh, and I need to find a good computer free resource for cooking on the top of a wood stove, and how to make bread without an oven. It won't do me much good to have lots of ingredients if I ruin them while attempting to figure out how to cook them!