Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My yoga dress solution

Remember how I wanted to wear a dress to yoga class?  Well, I now have the next best thing:  I made a tunic, and I used something I already had so it didn’t cost me anything.  AND it only took 10 minutes.

Actually, “something I already had” was actually something Rudi already had, which was a t-shirt that he no longer needed because he has awesomely lost the equivalent weight of a six-year-old this year. YAY RUDI!

Here is the first of a series of poor-quality photos of this process.  You're welcome.

Back to me:  I turned the shirt inside out so it would be ready to sew, then folded it in half neatly, but not OCD-ly.  I folded one of my own shirts to use as a guide, and aligned it on top of Rudi’s old shirt/my new tunic-to-be. Then I just cut away all the stuff that did not need to be part of the tunic.

NOTE:  Don't do what I did at the bottom and try to make it swing out. 
You'll just end up with little tails that hang down funny that you then have to cut off.  You're welcome.

After deciding that the black thread that was already on the machine was just fine and totally acceptable for this because I did not want to have to find matching thread because the stitching would be on the inside because ain’t nobody got time for matching thread, I took the newly cut Rudi’s old shirt/my new tunic-to-be to the serger and stitched the sides closed from the sleeve hem to about hip height.  That left side slits that allow the tunic to  swing open when I move or when I sit crossed-legged on the floor pretending I know how to meditate.
Isn't this cute?  Sort of a yoga-meets-the-renaissance-faire vibe.

Oh yeah--I removed the chest pocket, which left a patch of a different color.  I’m thinking of writing an artist’s statement for it--something about the ephemeral nature of our fragile blah blah blah.  Or maybe I’ll just stencil an owl over it and call it a thing.

This is the kind of photo you get when you think to yourself, 
"Hey, these pictures are all so dark.  Maybe I should use the flash."

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for:  an off-center photo from a distance in a room lit only with sunlight filtering thru frosted windows.  But Ella took it, so naturally it is my favorite in this post:


 Next up--yoga leggings that do not bunch up around my waist.  HAHAHAHAHA

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