Monday, December 16, 2013

Make a Draft Stopper and Stop Drafts IN THEIR TRACKS

Was the blog post headline sufficiently terrorizing?  I'm working on that whole "get their attention" thing.

Please enjoy this hazy picture of my dirty front door.  Oh, and the draft stopper.

Several years ago, I made a draft stopper for our front door, because I think drafts are bad, and our front door was a serious offender.

Fast forward to last year, when a certain vicious puppy demolished said draft stopper because apparently it was going to kill our whole family or eat his puppy chow or something equally evil such as that.

December last year.  See what I mean?  He was VICIOUS, I tell you.  Viciously cute, that is.

I mean, COME ON.  Look at him!  Adorbs.  <heart heart heart>

So this year I made a new, better draft stopper and the certain puppy has approved by way of not demolishing it.  Yet.

Pithy instructions:  Get some slick fabric.  Get some pipe insulation.  Wrap insulation with fabric.  Slide under the door.

Wordful instructions:

Do what I described in the link above, but use a longer piece of fabric and fold it over the ends to make it more "finished".

Please enjoy this non-hazy closeup of my dirty carpet.

Pro tip:  You know all those tutorials that tell you to fill a bag with rice?  Don't do that.  A bag of rice is heavy, and you'll have to pick it up every time you want to open the door.  You don't need anything to weigh it down, you just need it to fit tight so there are no air gaps.

Ding-dang it.  I just re-read the old blog post and realized I had had a brilliant idea that I should have used on my new draft stopper:  batting on the bottom section, under the door.  Next time.

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