Monday, January 13, 2014

Homemaking for Beginners, Step 2: The Weekly Routine

Welcome to the Homemaking for Beginners series!  You can find Step 1 HERE.


Presuming you've all gotten a good start on your Daily Three, let's move up a unit of measure and look at The Weekly Routine.  This is a similar concept to the Daily Three, except, uh, you do these things every week.  (See how clever that is?)

The big news here is that you are going to do a little strategic planning.  Rather than just choosing three tasks to do, you identify the activities and events that are part of your household weekly schedule, then assign and schedule tasks to support them.

Simple Weekly Routine:

Get a piece of paper and a writing implement (to get my free worksheet for developing your Weekly Routine, see the end of this post).

List all the household and family events that happen each and every week.  The larger your household, the longer this list is likely to be.

For each event, list the tasks that must be done in order to make the event run smoothly.

Finally, you will transfer your events to a weekly calendar, and schedule the tasks that need to be done for each event.

HERE'S THE MAGIC:  you schedule the tasks for the day before the event.

To get a sense of how this works, here's a sample of Ms. Beginning Homemaker's Weekly Routine:

Ms. Beginning Homemaker lists her family's weekly events
and describes the tasks needed to keep things on track.

Ms. Beginning Homemaker transfers all her info
to the Weekly Routine chart and pats herself on the back
for being on top of things.

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Should one of these items be a "best and highest ability" task?  This is your call.  Since most of the tasks are larger scale than your daily tasks, you might not wish to commit to doing one of them to the best and highest ability every week.  Instead you could rotate, so that one week you do the first task to your best and highest ability, then following week you do the second task, etc.  We will get into tweaking the Weekly Routine further down the homemaking road.  For now, just be sure that if you make a commitment to yourself, you make it worth your time--plan a reward that is proportionate and doable within minutes of finishing your task.  After you've used you new routine for a few weeks you'll have a better idea what needs adjusting.

Next week:  easy menu planning for the rank amateur.


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