Friday, July 4, 2014

Hand Flag Dress

Ella saw a dress she wanted at The Children's Place*.  I talked her out of the dress by distracting her with a t-shirt that has a kitten with a mustache.

This is where I'd insert a picture of the dress,
but it isn't on the website.*
Imagine, if you will, a red and white striped tank top
with a dark blue chambray skirt attached.

Meanwhile, in the back of my mind I remembered a pin that I had saved to my Patriotic board on Pinterest.

Project by CraftyErin.  Go give her some love.

So I gathered supplies....
Occasionally it pays to hoard fabric, t-shirts, and paint.

...and in a few hours, we had this:

Maybe I should have had her hold
a baseball or an apple pie.

Pithy instructions:
  • Have your child paint a t-shirt
  • While it is drying, make a skirt.
  • Sew the twain together at the waist, adding elastic for better fit.
  • Post to your blog.

Happy Independence Day to all you Homemaker-Americans!    

*The Children's Place has a HORRIBLE website.  HORRIBLE.  If you are connected in anyway to The Children's Place, please let the powers that be know that I think their website is so HORRIBLE that I refuse to frustrate my readers by linking to it.

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