Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kitchen Reclamation Day, plus no Pinterest links

Today is Kitchen Reclamation Day on the ol' Howard Avenue Homestead, and the side-by-side fridge/freezer thing is the Appliance of Damocles™.

Imagine, if you will, an embarrassing photo of the open fridge and freezer here.

The primary goal today is to clean the AofD™, and then set it up so that keeping it clean is manageable. The smaller, auxillary goal is to curb my impulse to attempt to instantly change every habit I have. Thus, I am going to limit myself to only two fridge/freezer changes.

  1. I'm going to give the ol' Press'n Seal® shelf liner trick a spin around the block.  I thought about giving the ol' Plastic Placemat shelf liner trick a spin, but I want to keep the shelves plain and as see-thru as possible. (I was planning to link to a pin that shows the ol' Press'n Seal® shelf liner trick, but every pin I found said something like "GENIUS!" or "BRILLIANT!" or "MIND = BLOWN!", and frankly I don't want to encourage such behavior. But I think you can figure it out:  line your fridge shelves with Press'n Seal®.  BAM.  Done.)
  2. I'm going to move all the jars of things from the shelves to the fruit and vegetable drawer, and move the fruits and vegetables to the shelves.  I know, the drawers are supposed to be "climate controlled" - even though they are not air-tight and do not have a control on them - and the fruits and veggies will supposedly stay fresher longer in the drawer and blah blah blah, but the fact is that in my house, out of sight = out of mind. Those fruits and veggies tend to be ignored and go bad before they get eaten, so it's not like moving them to the shelves will shorten their lifespan or cause them to go to waste more than they are now.  

Finally, (I know I said only two changes, but this is not a change), I'm going to continue and build on a trick I've been using for the past few years:  stashing gallon jugs of water in the back of each shelf. They help keep things from shoved to the back of the bus.  That makes them the bad cops and not me. I'm going to put another gallon on each shelf and force things to stay even closer to the front.

In the freezer I'm going to, uh, do stuff.  :)  More of the ol' Press'n Seal®, and figure out why the ice piles up on the side of the ice maker bin and gets stuck.

I promise to post a real picture when I'm done, so you must promise to cheer when I do.

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  1. I have done just that a couple of years back: move fruit&veg out of the drawers for the very same reason and it works! In the drawers, I now keep dairy products and snacks that the family will go looking for ;)