Friday, September 26, 2014

Something about socks and fall and karate and the weekend

So tomorrow Ella has an all-day karate seminar, which means that I get to have an all-day knitting session.  Since it's fall, my current project is a pair of socks from yarn I've been hoarding for no reason whatsoever.

"Bronzed Berry Stripes".   Would love to see this colorway rendered in lipstick.
I knit my socks toe up, two at a time on different sets of needles.  If I only knit them one at a time, I will never have a complete pair because I haz a SADD (Sock Attention Deficit Disorder).  I knit 10 rows on one sock, then knit 10 on the other sock--back and forth--when I get to the end of one sock, I only have 10 rows left on the other one.

I keep my current project in a ziplock bag because I haz a CATS (Creatures Attacking The Stash).

Also, despite what you see here, my couch is not in fact neon, although now I regret that it is not.

When I cast on, I leave a very long tail.  After I have completed the toe, I use that yarn tail as my row counter.  Every 10 rows I weave the tail out or in, whichever way it needs to go, to mark the beginning of the next set of 10.

Star toe.  Because of my aforementioned SADD.

Remind me sometime and I'll put together a tutorial on how I knit this toe.

Unlike my beloved friend Elizabeth Dehority, I cannot knit a pair of socks in record time, unless the record is for how long it takes to finish knitting a pair of socks.  This pair will probably take a bit longer than usual because I'm going to try a new-to-me heel method called the Fish Lips Kiss Heel, which is available for download on Ravelry.  This pattern looks like something I can manage without much gnashing of teeth or rending of cloth.  I have hopes - hopes, I tell you! - hopes of finishing this pair of socks in one pass!  (Psssst!  I'm Rostitchery on Ravelry.  Add me so I can add you back and then we can form a mutual add-miration loop.)

What are you doing this weekend?  Please tell me that it is something with a magical name on par with Fish Lips Kiss.

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  1. I can't wait to hear how you like knitting this heel. It looks very nice. Please let me know if you like it, as I am cheap and won't generally pay for knitting patterns when there are so many free ones out there. But I will definitely pop for a $1, if it is a great sock pattern with a good heel. While flap heels are pretty easy, I don't like how they look, but I am not really a fan of doing short rows, either. I can do it, and I have a method I use for doing longies that doesn't leave holes, but EVERY time, I have to dig out the step by step method and follow it word for word. I'd love something easier that looks nice. Please report back! Blessings, Pastor Katie