Monday, October 6, 2014

Your Coffee Maker and You

So you're worried about mold growing in your coffee maker, but everybody is calling you a paranoid germophobe, even though mold is a fungus and not a germ.

Good news!  You are not paranoid.  Your coffee maker is probably growing mold.  Yeast too, which is also not a germ.

So now you're freaking out.  Good.  Freaking out is the first step toward healing.  The next step is applying a remedy. In this case, the remedy is running a pot of half vinegar/half water through a full cycle.  Use unflavored white vinegar, and put a paper filter in the filter holder so the vinegar water doesn't go through too quickly.  Repeat this process with fresh vinegar water and paper filter as many times as your paranoia sees fit.  I'm going to suggest at least two cycles if you've never done this before. Use some of the hot vinegar water to clean the machine itself, including the inside of the machine lid.

Then run a few cycles of plain, clean water to clear out the vinegar.

BAM.  Done.

Now, how do we prevent this so-called germy mold/yeast build up from ever darkening our coffee maker's doorstep again?

After you are done making coffee each day, wash the pot and the filter holder, wipe down the machine, then leave everything open so it air dries.  Bonus points for staging it dramatically where your household members can admire.

Wow, the lighting in my kitchen is more ominous than I realized.
ProTip:  Re-read this entire post, substituting the words "washing machine" where it says coffee maker.  You'll need 1-2 gallons of vinegar to get the job done.  You're welcome.

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  1. I am so glad you are posting again. I love reading. I'm assuming you can do a similar thing for the dishwasher? That's one that kinda freaks me out.