Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days, Day 16: All In The Family

Welcome to my 30 Minutes for 30 Days series!  If you are joining me for the first time, you can find out how this all got started HERE.  You can read all the 30 for 30 posts HERE.


OK, The Great Bedroom Closet Reclamation of 2014 is done.  I owe you pictures.  It is a thing of beauty.  :)

And my family has joined in the 30-for-30 fun!  For The Minimalist Game, we are getting rid of:

  1. Four men's t-shirts.
  2. Two skirts.
  3. One pair of shorts.
  4. One girl's dress.
  5. One girl's jacket.
  6. Eight golf towels.
  7. Eight golf caps.
  8. One putting trainer.
  9. One golf ball marking kit.
  10. One putting marker.
  11. Two putter holders.
  12. One range distance finder.
  13. One putting break gauge.
  14. One pair of winter golf gloves.
  15. One elastic golf swing trainer.
  16. One box of 28 golf balls.

If you're a golfer, you may want to hit up the Nashville Goodwill stores soon.

OH, GUESS WHAT ELSE?!?!?  A reader tells me my math is wrong.  My running total has been off for days - I actually broke 100 two days ago.

The New and Improved

...of which today there were 35 discrete items, or 63 if you count each golf ball individually.  To date I have removed at least 589 individual items from my home.


Here you go.  Photographic proof of the enormous difference getting rid of more than 103 items:

BEFORE.  #KeepingItReal2014

AFTER.  *Wipes away tears of joy.*

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