Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days, Day 22: Catching Up

Welcome to my 30 Minutes for 30 Days series!  If you are joining me for the first time, you can find out how this all got started HERE.  You can read all the 30 for 30 posts HERE.


Disclosure:  yesterday, we ditched the Farmers Night Market and substituted a family-size box of tacos supreme.  I could have spent the evening writing this post.  Instead I spent the evening eating tacos supreme.

Today I did my 30-for-30 session in Ella's bathroom and bedroom.   It made a huge difference in her bathroom.  It made a meaningless dent in her bedroom.  Baby steps.

For The Minimalist Game, yesterday (21 November) I got rid of:
  1. One green plastic bowl.  (1)
  2. Two dead glue sticks. (2)
  3. One set of measuring spoons. (3)
  4. One random cleaning brush. (1)
  5. One dozen MORE sticky note pads.  (12)
  6. Four plastic spoons. (4)
  7. Six MORE plastic rulers. (6)
  8. Two plastic sippy cups.  (4)
  9. One stack of white index cards. (1)
  10. One stack of colored index cards. (1)
  11. Two pairs of girls panties. (2)
  12. Six hand-knit washcloths. (6)
  13. One dozen brand-new pencils. (12)
  14. Seven MORE hotel soaps. (7)
  15. Seventeen regular-size canning rings. (17)
  16. Fifteen large-size canning rings. (15)
  17. Eight one-piece jar lids that go to jars I took to recycling already. (8)
  18. SIXTY-SIX regular-size canning lids that I was saving for some unspecified future craft project.  (66)
  19. Thirty-six large-size canning lids that I was saving for some unspecified future craft project. (36)
  20. One cute green canning jar lifter. (1)
  21. Two old sponges in the trash. (2)

Items #1 - #10.

Insert mental image of items #11 - #14, which I forgot to photograph, here.

#15 and  #16.

#17 thru #21.


...of which today there were 75 discrete pieces.  As of yesterday I had removed more than 1127  individual items from my home.


Today (22 November) I am getting rid of:

  1. Four practically empty random liquid soap containers. (4)
  2. One random plastic spice jar without a lid that I was saving for some future unspecified craft project. (1)
  3. Twenty slivers of soap that I was saving for, uh, reasons I guess.  (20)
  4. One votive candle still in its wrappings.  (1)
  5. Two random coffee cups. (2)
  6. Two packages of bath cleaning refill sponges for a bath cleaner I threw out a long time ago. (2)
  7. Two random plastic lids that I have no idea about. (2)
  8. Three MORE hotel toiletries. (3)
  9. Two outdoor candles that we've never used. (2)
  10. One large patio umbrella that doesn't fit our patio. (1)
  11. Nine more books to trade at McKays. (9)
  12. Eight magazines for the recycler. (8)
  13. One gift item not pictured because I don't know if the giver reads this blog and I don't want to hurt that person's feelings. (3)

#14 through #22:  I'm not going to show you these things, but these were items belonging to a certain young someone in this home.  I was able to declutter them without drama by virtue of doing the decluttering while said someone was at, oh let's say "karate" class.  For identification purposes, I can tell you that none of the items is larger than a bread box, two of them went into the recycling bin, one of them was brand new in the package, one of them was a gift that was not used.  The rest were things that were still good but no longer in use.  The total number of the pieces is 18.

#1 thru #8.
#9 and #10.  If you live in East Nashville, you can come by and pick up the umbrella.

#11 and #12.

Insert mental image of the #13 - #22, which I have chosen not to photograph, here.  And thank you for trusting me on these.  :)


...of which today there were 75 discrete pieces.  As of today I have removed more than 1203 individual items from my home.


Since Thanksgiving Day is this coming week in the US, I will be offering some recipes and meal prep tips each day along with my updates.  Today's tip is this:  if you are cooking a turkey that is currently frozen, plan to put it in the fridge no later than tomorrow so it can thaw safely.  If you can, put it in the very bottom of the fridge, so that any juices that escape won't spill all over everything else.  If you plan to brine it, and I think you should, be ready to put it in the brine on Wednesday evening, so keep that open space in the fridge to hold the brining container!

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