Friday, November 28, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days, Day 28: I Gave Thanks, then I Gave In

Welcome to my 30 Minutes for 30 Days series!  If you are joining me for the first time, you can find out how this all got started HERE.  You can read all the 30 for 30 posts HERE.


Well, I have hit a wall, and must admit partial defeat.  I did my 30-for-30 session yesterday, but I did not remove 28 items for The Minimalist Game.  I was going to try to power thru today and remove yesterday's number plus today's, but I decided not to be a hero.  Instead, I'm going to add one day to the game, which means my last day of this round will be the 1st of December.  I'm just telling myself that compromise is a sign of maturity.  

For The Minimalist Game, today I got rid of:

  1. One large disposable roasting pan, disposed of in the recycling bin. (1)
  2. Two small disposable baking pans, used as a roasting rack, now disposed of in the recycling bin. (2)
  3. One commercial jar. (1)
  4. One old loaf pan that I've been using to create steam in the oven and thus it has rusted. (1)
  5. One silicone baking pan that makes cupcakes in the shape of a train. <3  (1)
  6. One crate-ful of books to read at McKays. (19)
  7. One crate after the books have been traded. (1)
  8. One pair of sneakers. (2)
  9. One pair of cute crocs. (2)
  10. One angel food baking pan that lifts and separates. (2)
  11. One stack of paper shredded and in the recycling bin. (1+)
  12. Dead batteries to take to the household recycling center. (10)
  13. One insulated container for carrying soup, with folding spork. (3)
  14. Four returnable milk jugs passed on to someone who wants to return them for a discount on milk. (4)
  15. One broken plastic basket in the recycling bin. (1)
  16. One dress blouse. (1
  17. One baby doll top. (1)
  18. One yoga tunic. (1)
  19. Two t-shirts. (2)
  20. One bed skirt. (1)
  21. One salt shaker. (1)
  22. Three cute mugs that we have never used.  (3)
  23. Three plastic, lidded food containers from the fridge, in the trash rather than trying to save them. (6)
  24. Three large plastic storage bins  with lids, to be returned to their rightful owner. (6)
  25. One plastic jack-o-lantern to be returned to its rightful owner. (1)
  26. One electric tea kettle that I have a sentimental attachment to.  <3 (1)
  27. Three damaged dog toys in the trash.  (SEE?  I told you.  Sentimental.) (3+)
  28. Two empty cardboard boxes in the recycler.  (2)

A bunch of stuff.

Two more stuffs.

Stuff in a stuff.

Dog-destroyed stuff.

Stuff destroyed by the elements.

Stuff that belongs to a friend.

Stuff exploded so you can see the cute folding spork.

So much stuff is going out that I think I missed putting a few things in pictures. In fact, now that I think about it, I realize the jack-o-lantern is not in the pictures, and neither are the three mugs. Dang.


...of which today there were 80 discrete pieces, counting bundles and bags as single units and not by their individual pieces.  To date I have removed more than 1639 individual items from my home.


Tomorrow and Sunday are the last two days of my 30-for-30 project.  On Monday when I post my catch up game numbers, I will post the grand total of time spent cleaning, sorting, organizing, and decluttering.  Any guesses of much it comes to?  HINT:  I’m going to have extra time to putter this weekend.

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