Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days, Day 30: I DID IT!

Welcome to my 30 Minutes for 30 Days series!  If you are joining me for the first time, you can find out how this all got started HERE.  You can read all the 30 for 30 posts HERE.


30 MINUTES FOR 30 DAYS IS IN THE BOOKS!   As of the moment of writing this, I have completed 30 straight days of doing 30 minutes or more of cleaning, sorting, and organizing in the main living areas of my home.

Today being my last official 30-for-30 session, I spent it in the utility room sorting and organizing.  I would describe the result as a meaningful but undetectable dent.  :)  The main thing is that I found and gathered all the little things we need to get started with our Christmas decorating!  Things like Command Hooks and batteries for fake candles and sticky stuff to keep all the little knick-knacks in place when the cats try to knock them off the mantel.

For The Minimalist Game, today I got rid of:

  1. One manual for an item I don't even own anymore. (1)
  2. 7 number of magazines, pillaged for images to cut out, then recycled. (7)
  3. Two Halloween jack-o-lanterns in the composter. Don't judge.  (2)
  4. One camera bag. (1)
  5. Two plastic chinese take-out containers in the recycling bin. (4)
  6. Box of greeting cards. (1+)
  7. Random pieces of loose, unidentified hardware in the trash. (9)
  8. One ratty scatter rug in the trash. (1)
  9. Three packets of watermark resume paper. (3)
  10. One folder of papers shredded and in the recycling bin. (1)
  11. One bag of fabric sewn into a gifts that will go in the mail on this week. (11)
  12. One stack of fabric sewn into a gift that will be delivered this week. (3)
  13. One kitchen set added to a gift that will go in the mail this week. (2)
  14. One cute skirt that I got on impulse at the thrift store and never wore.  (1)
  15. One electric tea kettle. (1)
  16. One partial bag of marshmallows inadvertently decluttered by virtue of my trying to make a treat and instead making them into burnt offerings.  :(  (1+)
  17. One pair of women's crocs. (2)
  18. One pair of girl's outgrown Mary Janes.  :(  (2)
  19. One box of toys spirited out of the house before someone remembers they exist.  (7)
  20. One pair of panties sacrificed to the patternmaking gods. (1)
  21. One cute ceramic snowman tray. (1)
  22. One project finished for a friend, to be delivered this week. (2)
  23. Five containers of skin creams/ointments that we tried but didn't like.  (5)
  24. Five expired containers of various cortisone skin treatments. (5)
  25. Three partial packages of heartworm treatments for dogs that are no longer with us.  :(  I have been too sentimental to deal with that particular basket in the medicine cabinet.   (3+)
  26. Two expired partial flea treatments for cats that are no longer with us.  :(  Also have been too sentimental to deal with them. (2)
  27. Three partial containers of prescription pet treatments that are no longer needed but which I had saved in case we needed them in the future.  (Vets, please don't hate.  This stuff is expensive and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to afford them twice.)  (3)
  28. One container of expired insect repellent which we quit using because it doesn't work.  (DEET is the word, people.  Use it and be blessed.)  (1)
  29. One partial package of vaporizer cleaner for a vaporizer we no longer own. (1+)
  30. One package of coffee filters that not only don’t fit our coffee maker, but they have become inexplicably damaged in storage.  (1+)

I have no idea what didn’t make it into these pictures.  Definitely the stuff that is in the trash or recycling bins.  Definitely the toys.  Probably some other stuff too.  OH, and the gifts are not pictured now, but they will be once the recipients have opened them.

Still life on stovetop.

Ella doesn't like these because they are "sticky."

Feeling pretty sure that if we ever needed any of these again we'd be able to locate some for purchase.


I really miss these guys.  :(

I really miss these guys too.  :(

Happy to report that these guys are all still going strong!

The jack-o-lanterns would have wanted you to remember them like this.


...of which today there were 85+ discrete pieces.  To date I have removed more than 1798 individual items from my home.


And now the moment we've all been waiting for: the total time I spent in November cleaning, sorting, organizing, and decluttering my home:

30 minutes for 30 days:  900 minutes
3 extra minutes 3 times a week:  36 minutes
5 extra minutes 2 times a week:  40 minutes

16.26 HOURS

If someone had said to me in October, “You should spend 16.26 hours cleaning, sorting, organizing, and decluttering your home,” I’d have come up with 16.26 excuses why that was impossible.  I’m glad nobody suggested it.

PS - I still owe one more day of The Minimalist Game.  Tomorrow will be my final post about it.  In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that I will be posting about Advent every day between now and Christmas morning.  Look for some links, projects, and a special offer.  :)

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