Thursday, November 6, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days, Day 6: How Much Do I Need?

Welcome to Day 3 of my 30 Minutes for 30 Days series!  If you are just joining me, you can find out how this all got started HERE.  You can read all the 30 for 30 posts HERE.


ProTip #1:  When you start your 30-for-30 session each day, set a countdown timer and STOP WORKING when it hits the end. There comes a point when you have made as many productive decisions as you can in one session, and if you push beyond that you will start to resent the process and/or quit making decisions.

ProTip #2:  If you set the timer for 2 or 3 minutes longer that your intended session, you will get at least 10% more done without batting an eyelash.  You don’t have to do that every day, but try it once every few days or so and see what happens.

Those two little strategies yielded impressive results in my art room yesterday.  I expected to clear out a few boxes and maybe make some walking space around the sewing table.  What I actually managed to get done was sort, declutter and neaten that entire corner.  That 3 extra minutes gave me just enough time to take all the decluttered stuff to the van and to put away the things that were left.

This afternoon I believe I'll spend my 30-for-30 session in the art room again, because Christmas is coming!  And I need/want to sew, which means I need/want to reclaim the space to do that.

For The Minimalist Game, I'm getting rid of:

  1. A stack of six chairs that were useful in the studio when I offered large classes, but now I keep the enrollment much smaller so they are no longer needed.
  2. A nearly-new tarp, because we don’t need two.
  3. Six yard sticks.  If I ever teach another patternmaking class the participants can bring their own, so I don’t need a stash.
  4. A craft kit that was given to Ella over a year ago but we never used it.
  5. Two big pieces of row cover/tobacco cloth that I no longer need.
  6. A bag of random holiday stuff (stickers, ribbon, pencils, etc.) that we've had for a few years and never needed.

Check your local college or university warehouse storage.  That's where these came from - they were excess classroom furniture made available to the public for a song.

Behold, a tarp.

To-go box of a craft kit, row cover, holiday gak.  Garnished with yard sticks and a hint of cinnamon.

21 types or categories of things, of which today's count is 15 distinct items and two groups of miscellaneous items of at least two dozen pieces each. In all I estimate I've gotten rid of at least 100 discrete items to date.


BTW, did you detect a pattern in the above list?
“ longer needed.”
“...we don’t need two.”
“...I don’t need a stash.”
“...we never used it.”
“...I no longer need.”
“...never needed.”


Lesson learned, at least for today.

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