Sunday, November 9, 2014

30 Minutes for 30 Days, Day 9: Not letting go of everything

Welcome to Day 3 of my 30 Minutes for 30 Days series!  If you are just joining me, you can find out how this all got started HERE.  You can read all the 30 for 30 posts HERE.


OK.  Today’s 30-for-30 job is a biggie and it won’t get done in a single session.  Today I am going to attack the plastic stacking drawers in the art room.  There are three sets of them, and currently they have a piece of flimsy wood on top to serve as a work surface.  My goal is to completely rehouse everything in those drawers so I can get rid of them and put in a sewing table for Ella.   

For The Minimalist Game, I am getting rid of:

  1. Two pairs of tights that I really love but which realistically I am never going to repair.  :(
  2. A winter sweater that I like but which chokes me.
  3. A cake cooling stand that I bought to use as a canning rack, which it does badly.
  4. A chicken-cooking stand.  (Why did I think I’d ever want to cook my chicken vertically???)
  5. More books to sell at McKay used book store.  
  6. Two packages of inkjet photo paper.
  7. A package of staples.
  8. A package of thumbtack thingies.
  9. More shredded papers.

Sweater, tights, chicken-cooking thingie, cake stand.  Nothing witty about this.

Too many office supplies.  Nothing witty about this either.

Ding-dang it, I thought I had a picture of the books but now I can't find it.  You probably know what books look like.  These were like the ones you've seen, only different titles.


...of which today there were 13 discrete, individual items plus two folders of papers.  To date that makes approximately 220 items decluttered from my home.


Now let me tell you about something that I am not getting rid of, even though they are technically clutter.  For years, my beloved daddy would give me notepads from his office.  They were given to him by visiting pharmaceutical representatives, who my beloved daddy in his charming Filipino accent called "drug distributors" - pronounced "dih-strih-BYU-tors". We were constantly encouraging him to call them something that didn't make it sound like he had serious street cred.  I have hoarded these little notepads over the years - so long that they are falling apart.  Today I sorted them and put binder clips on top.  I am going to use them and enjoy the memory of my beloved daddy, gone now over a year, and his beloved accent and his beloved misuse of the English language.

I love you, daddy.  Thank you.

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