Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Solving a Turkey Problem Caused by Decluttering

Last night I couldn't get to sleep, so naturally I was thinking about turkey.  Specifically, I was thinking about how a few years ago I had decluttered the only roasting rack I've ever owned. Now how was I going to keep my turkey from braising in its own liquid instead of roasting above the fray? How would I lift what would surely have been my perfectly-roasted turkey without a thing that has handles?  This morning, I solved the problem.

First I made a turkey sling:

Cut a piece of cotton string about 6 feet long.

Tie the ends of the string together with a square knot.  Pull the knot tight.  I left it loose in this picture so I could prove I knew how to do this.  Take that, Girl Scouts.

Tie an overhand knot in the center of the loop you just made, keeping the square knot on one end and not along the side.  If the square knot comes undone, it will be where you can get to it and not under your perfectly-roasted turkey.

Next I made a rack:

Turn two small foil pans upside down and make a dent in the bottoms with a rolling pin.

Be neat, but not so neat that your family starts to worry about you.

Last, I assembled the roasting set up thusly:

Bottom layer:  a sheet pan to catch any drips and to hold it all level.

Disposable foil pan on the sheet pan.

Newly-minted roasting "rack" inside the roasting pan.

Turkey sling last:  middle knot in the middle, loop handles hanging out of the pan on each side.  When the turkey is done, use the loops on each end to lift and separate.  


I will get to my 30-for-30 session this afternoon and I'll post again with the list of items I'm decluttering for The Minimalist Game.  See you again in a bit!

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