Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent Day 2: Smell Good Ornaments

It's the second day of December and already I have decluttering withdrawals.

Today the Advent Goblins told Ella that it is National Mutt Day!  The verse they gave her was Proverbs 12:10.  "The righteous care for the needs of their animals."  The activity they gave her to with it was to make pawprint ornaments of our pets. Our only true mutt is Coal, who is still going strong at 14 years old.  <3  But in their hearts they are all mutts, ya know?

Ella wanted smell good ornaments, so cinnamon and applesauce were the ingredients of choice.  There is no science to this.  Just mix ground cinnamon and smooth applesauce until you get a dough that you can roll.  Then cut with your implements of choice.  We used canning rings to cut circles, then we chanced down and restrained our very reluctant mutts long enough to make a passable pawprint impression.  We waited to make holes for strings until after the prints were made.  We used what was left to make a few more ornaments.

When they have dried we will write each pet's name on his/her ornament and hang them on our tree.  The tray is on top of the fridge right now and my kitchen smells delicious!

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