Monday, December 1, 2014

The Minimalist Game: Cashing in my IOU

(That’s how the members of the tribe find each other in a crowd.)

Remember how on Thanksgiving Day I neglected my decluttering duties?  I promised to make up for it today, and I have.

For this last day of The Minimalist Game, I got rid of:

  1. One dried-up glue stick in the trash. (1)
  2. One huge glass bowl that I really like, but we have two and one of them has an A etched into it, so the plain one is going out the door.  (1)
  3. Two dryer steamer balls. (2)
  4. One bottle of linen water, emptied and the bottle in recycling. (1)
  5. Three MORE canning jars. (3)
  6. Two pieces of aluminum, cut to form candy corn-shaped cornbread four years ago and not used again since. (2)
  7. One 16-quart pressure canner. (2+)
  8. One jogging stroller. (1)
  9. One regular stroller. (1)
  10. One umbrella stroller. (1)
  11. One folding thing that keeps a toddler from falling out of the bed. (1)
  12. One baby gate. (1)
  13. One high chair. (1)
  14. One baby playmat. (1)
  15. One booster seat.  (2)
  16. Two sets of decorative outdoor lights. (2)
  17. One bag of random bits and pieces of quilt batting. (6+)
  18. One bag of old ballet tights cut for sleeves. (7)
  19. One pair of skinny pants. (1)
  20. Two old computer speakers and cables. (6)
  21. Two decorative horns. (2)
  22. One laundry basket. (1)
  23. One doggy waste recycling thingy. (1)
  24. One accordion folder of bills from the year of our lord 2002 - TWO THOUSAND AND TWO! - shredded and in the recycling bin.  (1+)
  25. Two manila envelope of paystubs from 2002 - TWO THOUSAND AND TWO! -  shredded and in the recycling bin. (2+)
  26. One set of decorative tins that are really pretty but have never been used. (6)
  27. One fleece blanket. (1)
  28. Six broken resealable bags. (6)
  29. One set of decorative curtain rods. (4)
  30. One Bluetooth computer keyboard and mouse set, but I can’t decide which one.  I only know that we don’t need both.  (2)
  31. One strand of Christmas lights that was crushed under the weight off all the things.  (1)

The view from the attic hatch.

...of which today there were 70 discrete pieces plus various papers and bags.  But here's the number we've all been waiting for:

As of the end of this project I have removed more than 1868 individual items from my home.


If someone had said to me in October, "You should go thru your house and get rid of at least 1868 things," I don't even know what I would have said, but it would probably not have been something I'd be proud to repeat.  I'm glad nobody suggested it.  

This has been HARD, in ways I can barely describe, but I'm SO PROUD that I stuck with The Minimalist Game.

See, nobody could walk thru my house today and be able to tell that I've done any of this.  But I can tell.  I can tell by how much "lighter" it feels here, and how much less encumbered I feel.  The air really does feel different to me.  

I haven't made a visible difference.  But already I am living differently.  Today when I went into the attic, I had had so much practice at looking thru my possessions with a clear eye that it was almost easy to open boxes and say with confidence, "Yes, I am ready to let this go now."  That is HUGE for me.  It means I am becoming free.

If you are not ready to go a full month with The Minimalist Game, give Ella's version a try.  She decided today that she felt OK with getting rid of 5 items a day for 5 days.  It's her twist on the game rules.  Today, she went thru a box of things in her room and found these five items to get rid of:

It's a start.  <3

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  1. Yay, Ella!!! ���� I will do your version of the Minimalist Game!!