Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Mid-Summer, Mid-Year, Mid-Life Household Reboot

Part 1, in which I go on a bit about how I'm totally going to get it together now, I really mean it this time, you guys.

I was going to use a more relevant image but I got distracted by this.  You're welcome.

We've passed the halfway mark on this year, and we've also just passed the halfway mark on our way to high school graduation, and I might or might not be freaking out JUST A LITTLE BIT. So I'm dedicating the month of July to household reboot.  My goal is to get things back under "control" by the end of the month.  And to help keep myself on track I'm going to try to publish a post every weekday thru the end of the month, which means they aren't going to be pretty, but they are going to get done and you will have them in the palms of your internet.

Today I'm going to reboot my daily household routines.  If you are VoHo newletter reader (thank you!) you know about my Daily Three, which in a nutshell is my commitment to do 3 things without fail every day to keep the major systems under control.  My three are make the bed, do the dishes, one load of laundry.

The twist is that each week of July I'm going to set a Daily Three for other areas of my life as well. This week I'm going to do 3 things every day that I call household corrections - things that don't have to be done, but which will advance my quality of life.  This week, those things will be "bringing the home up to the current season".  That is how a vocational homemaker says things like "put away last year's school materials," or "take down the Easter decorations." I promise to give you a report on what I did at the end of the week.

Tomorrow I will share a bit about how I organize the monthly household routine.  It's riveting.


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  1. I love the idea of "July as Reboot" month idea. For me it's more personally internally than household.

  2. Sounds like fun! If I could just wash the dishes and fold a load of laundry a day, our life would be significantly better.

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