Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Freezer Entropy: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One of the household corrections that I've needed to do for a while is freezer inventory.  We are fortunate to have an upright freezer, but without constant inventory maintenance, it turns into the frozen land that time forgot.

Imagine I had worked up the courage to show you a picture of the inside of my freezer pre-organizing, and mentally insert that image here.

Today's mission was to sort the contents of the freezer then organize them in such a way that entropy could at least be slowed to a crawl.

Going with my mantra, "Done is better than perfect," I acquired a few bins, laid them out on the floor, and as I removed each item from the freezer I tossed it into its intended bin.  Then I lovingly hand shoved the bins back into the freezer, took a couple of pictures, and called it Done™.

Top shelf:  purchased items ready to eat.
Second shelf:  home-prepared veggies and fruits.
Third shelf:  homemade stocks, stews, and soups.
Bottom shelf:  meats, chicken, fish.

Top row:  homemade slow cooker starters.
Second row:  items to make stock, frozen cooler packs
Third row:  homemade breakfast items.
Fourth row:  homemade and purchased juice mixes, more items to make stocks.
Bottom row:  frozen cooler packs, water bottles for to use in blanching.

This took about 25 minutes.  There is no list of items to mark off.  Nobody looks at those lists anyway, so at best they are busy work and at worst they serve only to taunt you with their judgment.  I figure as the bins get empty I will be able to see what we are low on and replenish.


VoHo ProTip:  Eat as much Chinese takeout as possible.  Those pint and quart soup containers are excellent for freezing liquids.  If you find a restaurant that uses square ones instead of round, court their sons/daughters like a boss so you can marry into a lifetime supply, because the square ones are more space efficient than the round ones.

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