Friday, July 24, 2015

Household Reboot Week 3 Hit-and-Run Recap

Sunday:  this happened:

It was NOT a dry heat.

Monday:  this happened:

I neglected to get an "after" picture but they were really white when they finished drying, and they smelled like fluffy sunshine.

Tuesday:  this happened:

Stage 1.  Thanks, random mom who sent her kid to camp with strep.  WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Wednesday:  this happened some more:

Plus a fever.

Thursday:  this happened a lot more:

So Strep.  Much positive.  Wow.

Friday:  The Great Strep Throat Crisis of 2015 appears to have finally taken a turn for the better, which means I have a chance to work on these:

There's nothing like a composition notebook to put a mom in an organizational high.  I'll give you a tour of them next week.  

And now, your weekly moment of haiku.

I got nothing done.
A whole lot of nothing done.
Not even pickles.

Tomato sauce.  Not pickled.  One jar.

Have a great weekend!

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