Homeschooling Consultations

So you’re just getting started in homeschooling and you’re freaking out.  

Or you've been homeschooling for a while and have hit a glitch and you’re freaking out.  

Or someone has been all up in your homeschool business, made you second guess yourself, and you’re freaking out.

As a veteran homeschool mom, I can help you stop freaking out, build your confidence, and get you on the path toward realizing your homeschool goals. Together, you and I will:
  • define and clarify your educational philosophy and mission.
  • uncover the opportunities hidden beneath your unique challenges.
  • identify your children's gifts and strengths so you can create an outstanding educational experience for them.
  • establish priorities that make sense for your children and your family.
  • find the right tools and resources to fit your budget and objectives.

Choose the consultation package that's right for you

Snack Size: For when you just need a little guidance and maybe a few links. 15 minute online conference such as Skype or Google Hangouts: $15.00

Lunch Break: For when you want more time to hash it all out.
30 minute online conference such as Skype or Google Hangouts: $25.00

Quiet Time: For when you're limited to the hours that the kids are asleep.
3 separate email discussions: $20.00

Emergency! For when it can't wait another day.
15 minute same-day phone consultation: $45.00 

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Upon registration you will receive instructions for how to schedule your session.