How I Make My Bed

This is an actual photograph of my actual bed as it actually was this actual morning.  


Making the bed is my chosen Best and Highest Task of my Daily Three.
Here is how I make my bed to 5-star hotel standards:

Strip the bed down to the bottom sheet.  Smooth the sheet flat, pull all the corners tight again, and re-tuck all the edges.  The foundation must be smooth or everything else will be lumpy.

Yes, strip it down all the way to the bottom sheet.

Pull this down tight.


Smooth, so there are no wrinkles to lie on.

Place the top sheet back on the bed and center it so there is an even overhang on both sides.  Smooth it flat, then fold the corners. Some folks like a Military or Hospital corner, which has a 45º fold.  I like a Hotel corner, which is exactly the same but with a 90º fold.   Ella likes the Ritz-Carlton treatment (don't we all?).   Fold, fold, fold, until it is neat and tight.

Imagine there is a picture of the whole bed with the top sheet smoothed flat on top.
Then imagine that you are seeing this picture next.
That's what I had intended but forgot the take the other photo.

TIGHT.  Also, cat scratched.  #KeepingItReal2014

Smooth on top, corners TIGHT, edges TIGHT.

Place the quilt on top, centering the design and smoothing it so all the lines are parallel and straight.
Remind me to talk to you about the dip in the middle of the bed.
For now, admire the smoothness.

Fluff the pillows, smooth the pillowcase, and stack them in the order preferred by the sleeper.
Rudi likes the smaller pillow on the bottom.

This pillowcase is too long for this pillow,
so I fold the excess in and smooth it flat.

Here's where I go off the track and do something ridiculous and over-the-top:  I spray the pillows with a little lavender spray as an "annointing" for restful sleep.  It all started with a sample bottle of lavender spray that was sent to me by a company that rhymes with "Shmebreze".  I liked it well enough--it smelled reasonably non-fake-y, so when it started to run low I bought a regular size bottle thinking "Oh now I'll be able to spray with wild abandon".  NOPE.  It wasn't at all as nice as the sample--it was very fake-y perfume-y and just WEIRD.  When it ran out I refilled it with plain water and some lavender essential oil.  Ah.  That's better.
Homemade "Shembreze".

Place the pillow shams that came with the quilt on top of the pillow stack, because the sham pillows do not fit in the shams.  Then place the sham pillows (because we couldn't find any real pillows.  M.A.S.H, represent.) on top of the pillow stack.
See, you can't even tell they don't fit.  ;)

This is the pillow sham from the previous bedding ensemble.
This is also the back of the sham.
Because it goes better with the current ensemble
than the front which is big Oriental flowers.  

Fold any extra quilts or blankets neatly and place likewise neatly at the bottom of the bed.
Today happens to be the third day of the Great Polar Vortex Invasion of 2014,
so there are two extra quilts.  Both of which are for my side of the bed.

Pull back the curtains and allow the majestic sunlight to stream in and bless the bedroom with sanitizing rays.
One vocational homemaker's reward is another vocational homemaker's meh.

Now before we get lost in our thoughts:  that bottle of pillow spray is the thing that elevates this task from housekeeping to homemaking.  If you want to feel like a superstar in your home, look for those sweet nothings you can do to elevate your best and highest task one more notch.

I know what you're thinking, because I've heard it many times before:  "I do not have time to strip my bed down every single morning."  It takes me a full 5 minutes to make my bed from beginning to end.  That is a small investment for the luxury of getting into a 5-star hotel bed each night.

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